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Worship Times
Saturday Morning -Sabbath School 9:30am

Sabbath School - 9:30am
Lesson Study - 10:00am
​Come and Join us for a lively discussion on the Sabbath School Lesson Quarterly, Bible Lesson of the week.
Kids, Youth & Adults have their class.  

Main Worship Service 11:00 Am
Our main service begins at 11:00 AM, and it’s an opportunity for everyone to come together for an experience of worship that features excellent music in a variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary.
A focal point is the praise time, followed by an intimate experience of congregational prayer. We have a an inspiring Youth Band lifting up Jesus.  
The children enjoy a special story time that illustrates the worship theme.
Pastor Ken Naidoo's messages center on the gospel of Jesus Christ — as found in every book of the Bible and the Second Coming of Jesus.

You’ll hear a consistent message of love, acceptance, forgiveness, discipleship, the Christian Life, A relationship with Jesus Christ, Health & Family Life, Prophecy, Marriage relationships and preparation for the Second Coming of Jesus.
Potluck - Every Sabbath

Youth Meetings & Pathfinders - from 1:30pm- 3:00pm
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