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Fund Raising Letter

Fraser Valley SDA Community Church
Renting:  Gateway Baptist Church 132st & 107ave
Postal:  15596 80 Ave., Surrey, BC, CANADA
V3S 2J3
Tel: 604-828-1105 – 604-367-8336

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To Whom It May Concern:
Dear Friend,
My name is Moises Talento, Chairman of the Fraser Valley Community Church Building Fund and one of
of the elders of the church.
Our church was formed on December 23, 2000. We started with seven families. Now, we have 19 families
and nine singles. Before February 1, 2001 when we found a place to rent, we met in different homes of our
members for worship and other services. But the church rent kept getting more expensive necessitating us
to look for affordable rental places. We are now in our second rental place since our inauguration as a church fourteen years ago.
Renting a place of worship has its limitations: we may only use the building for so many hours on Sabbath, six hours in our current location and are not allowed to use the facilities on other days of the week. Since the members of the church we are renting have the priority, some Sabbaths we end up without having a place of worship. We really need a church of our own for sundry activities: evangelistic campaigns, prayer meetings, baptisms, social functions, etc.
For these reasons, we started a FUND RAISING CAMPAIGN to build our very own place of worship. So far, we have solicited $90,000. Our goal is $4.5Million. The completed community church will have the following facets:
1.Large enough to accommodate the size of the eventual congregation we hope to attract.
2.Enough room for fellowship activities including: banquet hall convertible to a gymnasium for our young people and adults alike for use in sports activities: volleyball, basketball, badminton, floor hockey and other potential uses.
3.Presence of ample meeting or activity rooms suitable for community outreach, business meetings, evangelism, etc.
4.Large flexible kitchen and food preparation areas for soup ministry to the homeless, etc.
5.A private pastoral quarters that would include a self-contained apartment with private study areas.
6.Audio and video capabilities so that all activities in the sanctuary may be recorded and coded for future viewing of members and public alike.
7.The church location should have adequate parking area and to include grassy section for outdoor summer activities.
Since our formation as a church 14 years ago, we have accomplished the following:
1.Youth campouts to provide social, spiritual and physical aspects for our youths.
2.Pathfinder activities: to train young people about life skills, survival skills, civic mindedness, religious training and service to others.
3.Sport festival and music concerts to fund raise for church building.
4.Singing groups and band to provide visitations to nursing homes and hospitals shut-ins.
5.Provided Community Service through the Soup Ministry to assist the homeless. Lunch programs to assist the first nation people.
6.Conducted ESL (English as a Second Language) classes to Burmese immigrants together with providing basic needs and general assistance to all types of new immigrants.
7.Supported Mission trips to the Philippines and Kitwanga, BC as well as supporting Youth Evangelistic meetings.
Please prayerfully consider our request for financial help to build a church of our own. Our Treasurer will provide you with a tax-deductible receipt for any amount:  $20,   $100,   $1000,   $50,000,    $100,000,   $1,000,000,   $4.5 million.
Please enclose your donations into the envelope provided and mail it to:
                                Check should be payable to:
                                FRASER VALLEY SDA COMMUNITY CHURCH
                                15596 80TH AVENUE, SURREY, BC, CANADA  V3S 2J3
Please supply the Chairman of the Building Fund with ten other names and their addresses of your friends so they too may participate and support this noble endeavor.
May God bless your benevolence as you prayerfully decide to donate to the church building program of the Fraser Valley Community Church.
Yours very sincerely,
Moises Talento
Chairman, Church Building Fund Campaign
Joe Lumalang
Treasurer, Fraser Valley Community Church
Pastor Ken Naidoo
Church Pastor, Fraser Valley Community Church
                                      Contacts:  Pastor Ken Naidoo         604-367-8336
                                                         Chris Garzota                  604-767-1356
                                                         Moises Talento               604-828-1105